About us

“Techrok Ventures is a holding and a lab for startups. Main interests and expertise are related to GEEKs, Conversion Tools and eCommerce.

Techrok Ventures can provide acceleration services and development capital funding to companies, to support them move to the next stages of their growth. We focus on eCommerce, conversion tools and Geek niche.


Our team:
Pierre Mantovani
, investor and entrepreneur is the founder of TechRok, with a track record  that you should take a look (linkedin profile). Strategy, Execution, Deal Maker, Talent Retention, that´s him.

Fernando D´Angelo, partner and co-founder of TechRok Ventures, he is not only a Master on Artificial Intelligence, Expert on Innovation but a first class business man and entrepreneur, being the owner and manager of ASPBRASIL, well known for his expertise on enterprise software and smart solutions.

Franco M. Lazzuri, partner and co-founder of TechRok Ventures, has more than 17 years working with startups, investments and innovation, for 13 years was manager at the largest high tech incubator in Latin America, now working to grow the Techrok Network & Business.

Matheus Machado: our specialist for financial analysis and global market overview, now holds the position of CEO at LojaMundoGeek, a passionate entrepreneur with a lot of baggage from enterprise business.

Group Argent – NY-USA: TechRok has a partnership with Group Argent, a New York Investment Banking with focus on new economy.


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